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Children and Worship - Online

Every Sunday morning during the school year, pre-pandemic, about 15 minutes into worship in the sanctuary, children of kindergarten and first grade age are invited to worship in the Children and Worship Center, a "special place to be with God." Here the young children worship in an age-appropriate way, through prayer, singing, and Bible stories.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we have created some virtual Children and Worship resources for our young worshipers to use at home. These include video lessons from our Children and Worship leaders, printable worship guides that can be used with our online services, and special Children's messages from some of our members. We hope that you can use these resources to have good faith conversations with your family.

Virtual Children and Worship Lessons

Link to Full Worship Service - Coming Soon!

Printable Worship Guide

"The Light"

"The Good Shepherd"

"How the Church Tells Time"



"Abram & Sarai"


"The Ten Best Ways to Live"

"The Ark & a Tent for God"

"The Promised Land"

"Advent 1: The Prophets"

"Advent 2: The Holy Family"

"Advent 3 & 4: The Shepherds & the Magi"

"Christmas - Meeting the Christ Child"

"Baby Jesus is Presented to God"

"Jesus at the Temple"

"Jesus is Baptized"

"Jesus in the Wilderness"

"Jesus Calls the Twelve Disciples"

"Jesus Feeds the 5000"

"Jesus Heals a Boy"

"The Farmer & the Growing Seed"

"The Mustard Seed"

"The Parable of Two Sons"

"The Parable of the Great Pearl"

"Lenten Puzzle, Jesus & the Children"

"Jesus & Bartimaeus"

"Jesus the King"

"Jesus' Last Passover"

"Good Friday"

"Easter Sunday"

"Jesus is Risen"

"The Good Shepherd & The Lord's Supper"




Children's Messages

Children's Worship Resources

Children and Worship and Church School programing resumes in person on September 18!  Children begin worship in the Sanctuary at 10:00 with their families and then continue in either Church School for ages 3-4 in Room 16 or in Children and Worship for grades K-2, in the newly renovated Children and Worship room on the upper level.  

Parents of children ages 3-4 will pick up their kids from room 16 after worship.  Parents of children in grades K-2 will pick up their children from the Sanctuary at 12:10 p.m.


Link to Full Worship Service

Printable Worship Guide