What We Believe

Neland Avenue is part of the Christian Reformed Church.

Christian- We believe that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord. We strive to follow Jesus in all that we do.

Reformed- Our historical roots are in the Protestant Reformation of the 1500s. We
emphasize the Bible as the Word of God, the only dependable guide for life and faith. We believe in the sovereignty of God over every part of life. And we believe that salvation comes by grace alone—a gift from God. And because of that grace, the Christian life is one of gratitude that shows itself in service and love.

Church- As the people of God, we need each other—for love, support, encouragement and correction. Our faith is nurtured in our togetherness. To be the Body Of Christ and to serve God’s world effectively, we need each other!

For a more complete description of what the Christian Reformed Church believes, please click here:
Christian Reformed Church of North America

Our Motto and Mission…

The salvation that Christ has won for us, and the love of God that He embodied, are not only future promises for believers to receive—they are also a holy calling to be lived now! The Gospel must be lived out in community. This is the mission of the church.