Activity Groups

Women’s Book Club - It meets on the third Thursday of the month in members' homes. Participants attend as often as desired.

Supper Circles - They are annually formed groups that meet to share meals and develop friendships.

60 Plus - Seniors meet for recreational and fellowship activities throughout the year.

Movie Groups - Folks meet to view and discuss current and classic films.

Game Groups - People meet to play games and share food and fellowship in each others' homes. Groups are organized into family or adult game interests.

Baking Groups- Folks meet throughout the year to cook and bake for fun, for events, and for causes.

Softball - The men’s slow-pitch softball team plays Wednesday evenings in the spring and summer at the CRC Recreation Center.

Knitting for Charity (KFC) - Women meet to knit items for various organizations and charities.

Outdoor Adventure Group - This group meets monthly to participate in an outdoor activity, such as sledding, bicycling, rock climbing, softball... Children and adults are invited to join in any or all of the activities.